Sunday 18th February:

The 3rd round of the Summer Cup in A Grade was won by Don Wagstaff 64 on a count-back from runner-up Brian McKenzie. In B Grade, David Ivens had 54 and runner-up John Nankervis scored 56 nett. Nearest the pins were: 1st/10th A Grade- Don Wagstaff and B Grade Ray Matthews. On 9th/18th hole Richard Stone was the only contender.

Wednesday 14th February:

Round 3 of the men’s 18 hole 4 week stableford competition. Winner A Grade: was Ian Richardson with 37 points and with 36 points, Richard Stone was runner-up. Geoff Lewtas had nearest the pin on 1st/10th. In B Grade Ray Matthews won with 34 points on a count-back from Alan Rowarth, who was runner-up. Ray also was the most accurate on 1st/10th for B. Grade.

Sunday 11th February:

Apollo Bay played Colac in the Blackwood cup Challenge which was a stableford event taking the best 8 of 11 scores for each team. This was followed by lunch- thank you to the Apollo Bay Fishermen’s Co-operative. Apollo Bay was the winner 277 to Colac 239. Best players for Colac were Dane Robinson and Darin Garner, Darin gaining a nearest the pin shot on both 1st/10 and the 9/18th holes. Apollo Bay’s top scorers were Brian McKenzie and Ray Matthews. The 2nd round of the Summer Cup was won by Brian McKenzie 61 nett and runner-up was Peter Collard with 64 nett. In B Grade Dick McGrath won with nett 64 and in a count-back Ray Matthews was runner-up. John Nankervis was nearest the pin on 9th/18th.

Wednesday 7th February:

Round 2 of the men’s 18 hole 4 week stableford competition. Winner A Grade: Chris Hansen had a day out! Not only did he score nearest the pin on 1st/10th and 9th/18th holes but he won the competition with 44 points followed by runner-up Colin Coleman with 41 points. In B Grade Alan Rowarth was the winner with 37 points on a Count-back from Rick Johnston who was runner-up, and Manuel Quintana. Rick also gained a nearest the pin on the 1st/10th.

Sunday 4th February

first round of the men’s summer cup produced the following winners: In A Grade, Don O’Meara won with nett 59 and Brian McKenzie had 61 nett to claim runner-up. Nearest the pin 1st/10th was Chris Hansen and on 9th/18th David Hand took the honour. Don O’Meara also won the monthly medal. In B grade, Ray Matthews won with nett 65 and George Harrison was runner-up on a count-back from Bob Hansen, with a nett score of 68. Nearest the pin awards went to Alan Rowarth on 1st/10th and George Harrison on 9th 18th.

Wednesday January 31st:

round 1 of the men’s 18 hole 4 week stableford competition. Winner A Grade: P. Anderson 34 points, with Brian McKenzie scoring 33 points for runner-up. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th was Colin Coleman. In B grade, Graham McKenzie won with 36 points, on a count-back from Lance Thomas, 36 points, runner-up. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th was Bob Hansen.

Sunday December 17th:

Men’s Stableford shootout 22 holes. The A grade winner was Don O’Meara with 38 points and also with 38 points T. Bedford was runner-up. In B grade, Lance Thomas won with 45 points and Ray Matthews with 41 points was runner-up. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th in A grade was Don Wagstaff and in B Grade Rod Beecroft was closest. On 9th/18th Crag McKenzie in A grade was the only contender. The shoot-out winner was David Hand with Rod Beecroft the runner-up.

Wednesday December 13th:

Men’s Ambrose Classic teams of four, was won by Ian Richardson, Rick Johnston, David Hand and Willie Kifoto with 51 7/8 nett. Runners-up with 55 5/8 nett were Alan Russ, Don O’Meara, Ray Matthews and Ian Robinson. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th in A grade was David Hand and in B grade- Peter Forbes. On the 9th/18th hole Willie Kifoto nailed it.

Sunday December 10th:

Men’s 3 man stableford Classic produced the following results: Winners, with 91 points were the team of Lance Thomas, Ray Matthews and Dick McGrath. Runners-up with 88 points were Geoff Vesey, Alan Rowarth and Peter Forbes. Nearest the piins on 1st/10th in A Grade was Don O’Meara and in B Grade Lance Thomas. Rocky Dimieri took the honour for A Grade on the 9th/18th hole.

Wednesday December 6th:

Men’s Par event: 20 players competed with ten in each grade. The winner in A grade with +6 was Colin Coleman and Don Wagstaff with +1 was runner-up. The B grade winner with +5 was Ray Matthews and runner-up on a count-back from Peter Forbes, was Bruce Thomas with +4. In A grade Peter Collard was nearest the pin on 1st/10th and on 9th/18th- Doug Honey. The B grade accurate drivers were Ray Matthews on 1st/10th and Bruce Thomas on 9th/18th.