Established in 1923

District SWGA
Governing Body GolfVic
Tourism Region The Great Ocean Road

The Apollo Bay Golf Club is pleased to announce that it has pledged $10,000 towards the enclosing and heating of the current Apollo Bay swimming pool.

We are very sad to start our golfing season, without our much valued member Sue McKenzie who died on January 20th, and we extend our condolences to Brian, Melinda, Alistair and the family.

Coming up: The “Chicken Run” continues on a Friday each week, please make up your own groups.


The Apollo Bay Golf Club women’s committee has
decided to have 4 “learner days” of golf beginning Monday 12th February (after our usual 9 hole competition) from 4.30-5.30 pm.
So any women or junior players interested in getting back to playing golf, or if you wish to learn to play, our women members will give you instruction, and will play 3 holes of golf with you. A small trophy will be awarded. Clubs are available, and there is no charge. Our club has members with “working with children certificates”, however, why not join in the activity, you may enjoy it!


The Apollo Bay Golf Club Women’s 2017 Memorial Shield Monday 16th October

Congratulations to Colac, winners of the Shield with 71 points

2017 60th June Tournament

Thank you to our 2017 June Tournament Sponsors