The Etiquette of Golf

All Members must observe the Etiquette of Golf as follows:

  • No person should move, talk, or stand close to or directly behind the ball while a player is making a stroke.
  • No players should make a stroke until the players in front are out of range.
  • Players should move briskly between strokes and vacate the green promptly after completion of each hole.
  • Players should move directly toward the ball and be ready to play in turn.
  • Players must replace all divots, and must ensure that the bunker is raked after the ball has been played.
  • Players should leave buggies as near as possible to the next tee.
  • Players must not mark score cards or discuss the score on the green.
  • The player with the honour on the tee should mark the score card after teeing off.
  • Players should at all times play without undue delay.
  • Slow players who fall a complete hole behind, impede the remainder of the field and must call the following players through.
  • When a ball is lost the players following must be called through immediately.
  • The lowest marker in the group is responsible for the conduct of the group.
  • Any dispute pertaining to the game must be referred to the Match Committee whose decision will be final.