Player’s & Marker’s Responsibilities

Player’s Responsibilities

  • To check his/her current handicap and ensure it is correctly recorded on the card issued to him/her by the Committee (or starter designated).
  • To play off his/her current handicap, on pain of disqualification if he/she plays off a higher one.
  • To check his/her score for each hole (Rule 6-6B).
  • To settle doubtful points with the Committee.
  • To ensure that the Marker has signed the card.
  • To countersign the card himself/herself.
  • To return the card to the Committee as soon as possible.
  • To put his/her golf link number on his/her score card.

Marker’s Responsibilities

  • To check the score with the Players after each hole (Rule 6-6A), including any penalty strokes.
  • To record the gross score taken by the Player for each hole.
  • To sign the card and hand it to the Player on the completion of the round.