Corangamite District Golf Association Incorporated


  1. All matches in Division 1, 2, 3, & 4 Scratch Pennant will be played in teams of seven players.  Division 1, 2 and 3 Handicap Pennant with teams of five players.  Individual matches to be played in reverse order of the Team Listing.  The number 7 player playing first and the number 1 player last in Division 1 thru 4 Scratch Pennant.  Number 5 player playing first and the number 1 player playing last in Division 1 thru 3 Handicap Pennant.
  2. A player taking part in the Pennant competition must be a bona-fide member of the club they represent.  No player may represent more than one club during the competition in any one year without prior approval of the Executive Committee.
  3. Penalties
    1. The Team Captain will be responsible to hand the team sheet to the Captain of the day no later than 15 minutes prior to his teams advertised hit-off time.  Penalty. The number 7 player loses the first hole in Division 1 thru 4 Scratch Pennant and the number 5 player loses the first hole in Division 1 thru 3 Handicap Pennant.
    2. Players arriving late on the tee  will be penalisedas follows:
      1. up to 5 minutes late, loose 1st hole;
      2. up to 10 minutes late, loose 2nd hole;
      3. up to 15 minutes late, loose 3rd hole;
      4. more than 15 minutes late, lose the match.
  4. The  host club must provide a Captain of the Day and also tee stewards for the number of tees used at the start of play.  In the absence of tee stewards the number 1’s  of both competing teams are to assume the responsibility of tee stewards and the team sheets are to be at the relative tee until all players have left the tee.
  5. Matches will be played as they appear in the draw and will commence at the times determined by the host club.  The host club must also advise the competing club Captains, in writing, of scheduled starting times at least 7 days prior to the matches.
  6. Abandonment of Contests in all cases of inclement weather and/or bad course conditions, every effort should be made to complete all contests on the scheduled day.  If the Match Committee of the day declares that the completion is not possible play should resume on the following Saturday from where it was discontinued (see Rules of Golf 33-2.d and 6-8b) with the result of any completed matches standing, provided 3 contests of each match in the Division are completed, the remaining uncompleted contests are to be completed on the following Saturday.  If resumption of play is not possible on the following day the matter is to be referred to the Corangamite DGA Match Committee which will determine the action to be taken.
  7. If less than 3 contests in a Division are completed the round will be abandoned.
  8. No player of a participating team shall act as a caddie for another player during a match nor is it permitted for anyone who has caddied for a player during a match to caddie for another player during the same match.
    Penalty.  Loss of hole or holes where the breach took place up to a maximum of 4 holes.
  9. Any player to compete in a final match of the Pennant competition must have played 2 games in that Division in the home and away matches during the current season.
  10. Any player, after playing more than 2 games in any higher division, may not play  in a lower division during the current season.  Where a club has 2 or more in any one division, the players listed at no’s 6 & 7 in Division 1 thru 4 and the no’s 4 & 5 in Division 5 & 6 for the number 1 team of that club in that Division, for the first round may play in any other team that their club has in that Division. The first 5 listed on that first round team sheet in Division 1 thru 4 and the first 3 players on the first round team sheet in Division 5 & 6 are then locked into that number 1.
  11. In the event of two teams tieing with same number of contests being equal and the number of individual matches won being equal the matter shall be referred to the Corangamite DGA Match Committee for a decision.
  12. On all 9 hole courses matches are to be played in 4’s, the first group will be a 2, the number 7’s or number 5’s, as the case maybe, then all other groups will be 4’s following on in order as mentioned previously, with no 2 players from the same club in the same group.
  13. In the  Handicap Competition all teams must play in handicap order, ie. the number 1 player must be the lowest marker and so on and the number 5 being the highest handicapper.  Also in the Handicap Divisions no player my concede more than one shot per hole to his opponent.
  14. Maximum handicap in the Handicap Competition is 27, and no player may receive no more than 18 shots in any round of the Handicap Competition.
  15. Afternoon Tea will be provided by the host club for which visiting team Captains’ will be responsible for the overall cost of $49.00 for their respective teams in Division 1 thru 4 Scratch Pennant and $35.00 for their respective teams in Division 1 thru 3 in Handicap Pennant.  Those clubs who make pre-match luncheon facilities available should notify competing teams accordingly when advising starting times.
  16. Forfeits lodged after 5pm on the Friday prior to any pennant match in question will tender the forfeiting team responsible for the catering costs of both teams involved, $98.00 in Division 1 thru 4 Scratch Pennant and $70.00 in Division 1 thru 3 Handicap Pennant.
  17. The Captain of the Day on whose course matches are being played is required to complete and sign the official result sheet, then post or email it to the District Secretary in the stamped, addressed envelope provided for that purpose.  Clubs are asked to ensure that this is done by the first available mail after completion of all matches that day.