Conditions of Play

  1. Before starting play in any competition, a player must register their intention by paying an entry fee, if required, and/or entering or having their name entered in a book or on a sheet or list kept for the purpose.
  2. Failure to comply with “Condition 1” means disqualification.
  3. Individual handicaps must be shown on score cards at all times.
  4. The competitor is solely responsible for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole and should check their score with their marker.  Ensure that the marker has signed the card and counter sign the card themself.  The card must then be posted as soon as possible.  If you do not complete a round please notify the office.
  5. Ties in weekly competitions will be decided by WGV countback system.
  6. EXCEPTIONS: Monthly Medal and Medal of Medallist.  In the event of a tie a play off over 3 holes ( 1st/2nd/9th on the same day) will be played, if still tied sudden death will apply over the same 3 holes.
  7. Names must be on the list 30 minutes before hit off or by a time set by the Match Committee.  Late arrivals may be penalised 2 strokes.  All starting times are listed in the syllabus.  Players are to be ready to leave the club house 15 minutes before hit off time.
  8. A player may enter a daily competition after earlier the same day having taken part in any organised club competition, eg Knock Outs.
  9. These conditions apply for all competitions unless otherwise stated.
  10. Alternate starting places are permitted.

The Match Committee reserves the right to alter any of these conditions.