Women’s Competitions

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Competition Days for Women

Monday 9 Hole/18 Competition

  • Entry    $3
  • Times   12.45pm shotgun start unless otherwise stated. Names on list by 12.15pm Tee assignments at 12.30pm .
  • Players    Overall competition must have at least 6 players with at least 6 players in each grade. Insufficient numbers in any grade means combining with the next grade, with only one winner.


  • A Grade
  • B Grade
  • C Grade
  • Putting Overall or Nearest the Pin – Grades

Monday Club Handicap (9 holes )

The Monday handicap is half the WGV handicap on the day of play.

The Match Committee reserves the right to alter any of these conditions.

Thursday  18 Hole/9 Competition

  • Entry $5
  • Times   10am shotgun start , unless otherwise stated.  Names on list by 9.30am Tee assignment 9.45am .  Players to be ready to leave the clubhouse 15 minutes before hit off time.  Latecomers will be penalised 2 strokes.
  • Players   Overall competition must have 6 players with at least 6 players in each grade.  If there are insufficient numbers in any one or more of the grades, grades will be re-organised for the day, and trophies awarded accordingly.

Trophies: Stroke

  • A Grade Best Nett – Best putting and/or Nearest the Pin
  • B Grade Best Nett – Best Putting and/or Nearest the Pin
  • C Grade Best Nett – Best Putting and/or Nearest the Pin

Par and Stableford Rounds

  • A Grade Winner plus Nearest the Pin
  • B Grade Winner plus Nearest the Pin
  • C Grade Winner plus Nearest the Pin

Foursome Rounds

  • Winning Partners –  Putting (overall) and/or Nearest the Pin Countback for Next Best.
The Match Committee reserves the right to alter any of these conditions.

Stableford Championships

  • Aggregate 3 week event played on 3 consecutive Thursdays.  One grade only.
  • Entry $2
  • Winner and Runner-Up win trophies.
  • To be eligible players must have WGV handicap.
  • All players are eligible to win daily events.

Women’s Pennant

Otway Pennant

Pennant Rules & Conditions

Abbreviations Used in Women’s Competitions

X Putting
O Eclectic
SS Silver Spoon
MMB Mona McLeod Brooch
IB International Bowl
N/P Nominate and Play
N/D Nominate and Draw
D/P Drawn Partners
MM Monthly Medal

Duties for Rostered Women

The Captain, or her substitute, will be at the clubhouse to help.
Please arrive at the clubhouse one hour before hit off time or 30 minutes early on timesheet days.

  1. Put out Course Closed signs as soon as you arrive.
  2. Bring out competition book, cards, pens, envelopes, box and name board
  3. Rule up whiteboard suitable for the game of the day on THURSDAYS.
  4. Bring in list from notice board and put new list out.
  5. Do draw half an hour before hit off time.
  6. Write on trophy cards.
After Competition
  1. Enter scores in book and check best cards .  Check Handicaps are correct.
  2. Record winners in book.
  3. Remove “Course Closed” signs.
  4. Make a list of winners for Newssheet and place back in the folder in the draw.
  5. Complete trophy cards.
  6. Write scores on Whiteboard on THURSDAY only.
  7. Put competition book, etc away.
  8. Please enter weather conditions in competition book with any other interesting points for the records.
  9. If the treasurer has not collected the competition money, leave the money in the locked drawer in the women’s room. Make sure the date is on each envelope.
  10. Thursdays – ring results through to AAP (number is near the office phone).  Save all cards for the Handicapper.
Draw for Thursday
  1. Stroke Rounds: Drawn in 3 grades if sufficient numbers.
  2. Par and Stableford: Draw in mixed grades.
  3. Foursomes Nominate and Play: Draw for groups.
  4. Foursomes Drawn Partners: Divide into two grades, draw partners, one from each Grade and then draw for groups.
  5. If more than 30 players draw in 4’s & 3’s, otherwise 3’s & 4’s.
  6. When 4’s & 3’s, place 3’s off with space in front of them eg 3rd, 5th, 7th and 1st (if no one off 2nd tee).
Draw for Monday

Drawn in mixed grades and apply numbers 5 and 6 above.

Trophies to be given out
 A Grade  0 – 25
 B Grade  26 – 38
 C Grade  39 – 45

Grades are subject to Change.