Fri. 9th June 2017 – Women’s 27 hole Open Championship

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The winner of this was Marion Venn, 10, from Terang with 119. Runner-up was Vicki Hannah, 14, Apollo Bay with 132. The 27 holes Nett went to Fiona Fitzpatrick, 18, from East Geelong with 111, followed by Peta Campbell, 14, from Metropolitan who was runner-up. 18 holes Nett winner was Stacey Thomas, 15, Apollo Bay with 75. Nearest the pin A grade on 1st/10th/19th was Marion Venn and the longest drive on the 5th hole in A grade was Vicki Hannah, Apollo Bay. In B Grade 27 holes gross was won by Kathryn Robertson, 21, from Peterborough with 136. Runner-up representing Metropolitan, was Jill Fowler, 21 with 138. 27 holes Nett winner, from Terang, was Vicki Philp, 21, with 109 ½. Janice McKenzie 24, Apollo Bay, was runner-up with 115 Nett. The winner of 18 holes Nett was Carol Doran, 21, Queen’s Park with 73. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th/19th was Debbie O’Shannessy and the longest drive was claimed by Karen Matheson. The C grade 27 holes Gross prize, was awarded to Sue McKenzie, 27, Apollo Bay, with 157. The runner-up was Martha Macintyre 28, Apollo Bay on 164. The 27 hole Nett winner was Jan Shaw, 32 with 118, and on 122 ½ was Jean Hansen 41. Sami Oguzhan, 33, won the 18 holes Nett with 81. The longest drive was Sue McKenzie. The best overall 27 holes Nett, which was sponsored and awarded by valued past member Shirley Crane, was Marion Venn from Terang with 104 Nett. The post teams’ event was won by Marion Venn, Vicki Philp, Jan Shaw and Kathryn Robertson with 286.

Thu. 8th Jun 2017 – Women’s 18 Holes 4BBB Stableford

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Won by Jan Shaw, 32 and B. Stinchcombe, 25, with 40 points. Vicki Philp, 21, and Marion Venn 10, were runners-up on a count-back from C. Bartholomew and C. Angus 37 points. Best 9 in, were M. Clements and J. Delany on a count-back from J. Flitton and C. Doran with 20 points. Best 9 out, were C. Bartholomew and C. Angus on a count-back from S. McKenzie and N. Begely and S. Kearton and J. Hansen all with 19 points. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th hole 0-26 was Jill Fowler and 27-45 handicap Sue McKenzie.

Monday 29th May

Women’s 9 holes stroke. In fine weather except for a light shower, 10 women competed in this event. Winner in A Grade was Sandra Toone with 47-13-34 and runner-up with 47-12-35 was Janice McKenzie. B grade’s winner was Faith Morrissy 54-20-34 with Sue McKenzie runner-up 48-13 ½ -34 ½ . Putting over all was Sandra Toone, on a count-back from Faith Morrissy 13 putts.

Thursday 25th May:

18 holes 4 BBB was won by Stacey Thomas and Sami Oguzhan with 37 points. Runners up were Sally Stone and Sandra Toone with 36 points on a count-back from Jeanette Dodds and Jill Fowler. The 18 hole stroke competition from last week was won in A Grade by Stacey Thomas with nett 74. Incidentally, Stacey went through the entire pennant season without losing a match and Apollo Bay was thrilled to win the pennant competition. Runner-up was Jill Fowler, 76 on a count-back from Sandra Toone. Putting was won by Margaret Smith with 31 on a count-back from Sandra Toone. In B Grade Sue McKenzie took the honours with nett 75. Sami Oghuzan was runner-up with nett 77. The putting trophy was awarded to Jeanette Dodds with 31 putts.

Monday 22nd May

Women’s 9 holes Stroke was played in beautiful Autumn weather. Winner in A grade was Dawn Thomas 48-12-36 and runner-up, Mariette Deppeler had 50-13 ½ -36 ½ . B Grade’s winner was Maureen Vesey with 58-17-41. On a count-back from Jeanette Dodds, runner-up was Beth Lawrence, 58-14 ½ – 43 ½ . Jeanette Dodds took the putting trophy with 13 putts.

Monday 15th May:

Women’s 9 holes Stableford, played on a calm, cloudy, day with patches of rain, was won by Margaret Smith in Grade 1 with 16 points. Runner-up was Janice McKenzie with 14 points. In Grade 2, Valerie Jonson was a winner with 15 points, narrowly beating Sue McKenzie, 15 points, on a count-back. Nearest the pin was won in Grade 1 by Marg Smith and in Grade 2, Jean Hansen was closest. Thank you to Sandra Toone who reliably hosts proceedings each week when the Captain and President have been absent.

The women’s SWGA Division 6 pennant

Apollo Bay v. Queen’s Park at Clifton Springs was won by Apollo Bay 4/1. This week’s round will be played at Queen’s Park, and whatever the result, Apollo Bay is at the top of the ladder and cannot be beaten. Congratulations for a well played season team!

Thursday 11 May:

Women’s 18 hole, Stroke event winner in Grade 1 was Jill Fowler with 93-20-73 and runner up was Stacey Thomas with 93-15-78. Grade 2 winner Sandra Toone had 94-27-67 with Sami Oguzhan runner up with 111-32-79. Putting in Grade 1 was won by Stacey Thomas 33, on a count-back from Margaret Smith and Norma Begely. In Grade 2, Jean Hansen won with 32 putts on a count-back from Sami Oguzhan, The best gross score was won by Jill Fowler, 93, on a count-back from Stacey Thomas. The monthly medal was won by Sandra Toone.

Monday 8th May:

Women’s 9 holes 2-person Ambrose was won by Sandra Toone and Beth Lawrence with 42-7-35. Runners-up were Mariette Deppeler and Nelly O’Meara with 48-9-39 on a count-back from Margaret Smith and Jean Hansen, and Jeanette Dodds and Faith Morrissy, who won the putting with 15 putts.

Thursday 4th May:

Women’s 18 hole, Stableford event A Grade winner was Helen Stevens with 35 points. Runner-up was Stacey Thomas with 32 points. In B Grade Sami Oguzhan won with 25 points, runner-up was Jan Shaw also with 25 points. Nearest the pin was Marg Smith in A grade and Sami Oguzhan in B grade. In women’s pennant Apollo Bay are currently top of the ladder. Apollo Bay defeated Lonsdale at Lara 4/1. Next Friday Apollo Bay versus Queens Park at Clifton Springs. Good luck team!