Thursday 22nd March:

The women played an 18 hole Stableford round in pleasant autumn weather with a few gusts of wind. The A grade winner, Jan Shaw finished with 35 points, and runner-up Janice McKenzie, scored 31 points. In B grade, Faith Morrissy won with 27 points closely followed by Caroline Wren with 26 points. None of the players managed to drive the greens on 1st/10th or 9th/18th. A few women played 9 holes only and these scores can be used for handicapping if requested before play commences.

Wednesday 21st March:

Week 3 of the men’s 4-weeker. In A Grade Colin Coleman, won with 65 nett and runner-up Geoff Vesey scored a 70 nett.
In A Grade Ray Matthews achieved a nearest the pin on 1st/10th and Ian Richardson was closest on 9th/18th. B grade player Bill Buckley was nearest the pin on 1st/10th and Alan Rowarth was the most accurate on 9th/18th .

Monday 19th March:

The women ventured out on a windy, blustery day to play 9 holes of golf. The A Grade winner was Norman Begely 45-11½-33½ and runner up was Kerryn Wagstaff 49-12-37. It was great to see Joycie Henderson win B Grade with 61-22½-38½ and Martha Macintyre be runner up with 57-16-41. Putting overall was won by Jan Coleman with 16 putts.

Sunday 18th March:

Twelve men took to the course to in very windy conditions to play 18 holes of Stableford. The winner, John Nankervis, (h/c 19) came in with 36 points and won on a countback from Colin Coleman (h/c11). No players managed to get on the green in one stroke to win a nearest the pin.

Thursday 15th March:

Most women wore something green to play in an18 hole Irish 3 Ball competition. The winners had a fantastic score of 92 points. The team consisted of Janice McKenzie, Sami Oguzhan and Jeanette Dodds. Sami Oguzhan had a great day and scored 45 of the team’s 92 points. Helen Stevens, Faith Morrissy and Jean Hansen had 85 points to be runners up.

Wednesday 14th March:

Week two of the men’s 4-weeker – A Grade’s Bernie Collyer won with a 75-16-59 and runner up was Geoff Vesey with 77-16-61. The B Grade winner was Alan Russ with 95-31-64 and Graham McKenzie was runner up with a score of 91-25-66.
A Grade’s Willy Kiffoto won nearest the pin on 1st/10th and Don O’Meara won it for the 9th/18th. B Grade saw Gerry Sargent be nearest the pin on the 1st /10th. No B grade player got on for the 9th/18th.

Tuesday 13th March:

Twenty women took part in an 18 hole Pinehurst competition. The winning pair were Maureen Vesey and Sally Stone with 46-13½-32½ and the runners up were Vicky Hannah and Marlene Verey
who scored 44-9½=34½. Martha Macintyre and Jeanette Dodds won the putting with 14 putts on a countback from Debbie Biggs and Nelly O’Meara.

Sunday 11th March:

Long weekend 4 person 9 hole Ambrose followed by a BBQ. Winning pairs were E & N Smith and M & G Vesey with 30-6¼=23¾. The runners up were J & C Hansen & F & D Morrissy who scored
32-7=24 The nearest the pin on the 1st was Martha Macintyre and Jimmy O and on the 9th was Kerryn Wagstaff & Geoff Vesey.

Thursday 8th March:

The women played an 18 hole stroke round in beautiful sunshine. The A grade winner, Stacey Thomas finished with an 88-15-73 with runner-up Janice McKenzie scoring 97-24-73. In B grade there was also a count-back with the winner Jeanette Dodds scoring 103-36-67, and runner-up Faith Morrissy 103-36-67. Jeanette Dodds won the monthly medal in a play-off with Faith Morrissy. The best gross score for the day went to Stacey Thomas with 88. Putting in A Grade was won by Janice McKenzie on a count-back from Marg Smith 32 putts. Pat Fitzpatrick won the putting for B grade with 31 putts.

Wednesday 7th March:

Week one of the men’s 4-weeker in A Grade four players, Colin Coleman, Brian McKenzie, Bob Bedson and Geoff Vesey had 66 nett.
In B Grade Bill Buckley had a 58 nett and Lance Thomas and D. Hall had 60 nett. Lance also had nearest the pin on 1st/10th. In A Grade Brian McKenzie and Geoff Vesey had nearest the pins on 1st/10th and 9th/18th respectively.