Monday October 30th:

Women’s 2 Person Ambrose.
The women always enjoy playing Ambrose which is a very sociable game. The winning pair was Marriette Deppeler and Nelly O’Meara with 44-9-35 and Dawn Thomas and Sami Oguzhan were runners up with a score of 44-7½-36½. The putting pair winners were Janice McKenzie and Caroline Wren with 13 putts

Sunday October 29th:

Stableford – 1st round of the Coastal Challenge at Apollo Bay v Peterborough. The Peterborough players won the women’s section of the Challenge with Katrina Hammond (35) 35 points narrowly beating Loretta Roberts (21) 33 points.
The men’s A grade was won by Peterborough player Jarrod Watene (17) 35 Points with our Richard Stone being runner up on (15) 34 points. B grade was won by locals Ray Matthews (21) 31 points with Rick Johnston next best on (21) 27 points. Best Apollo Bay player was Richard Stone (15) 34 points and runner up was Don Wagstaff on (10) 31 points. Best Peterborough player was Jarrod Watene (17) 35 points. It was a close contest for runner up with Chris Huffadine (12) 29 points, winning on a countback from Darren Smith (7), Jeff Costin (11), Peter Cashmore (7), and Colin Hammond (15) all with 29 points.
Nearest the Pin on the 1st/10th for A grade was Peterborough’s Peter Cashmore. B grade was won by local player Ray Matthews. Peterborough’s Loretta Roberts was the only women to get on the green in one.
On the 9th/18th only local A grade player John Nankervis got on. Peterborough players scooped the pool for the longest drives with Chris Huffadine for A grade, Bill Buckley for B, and Tanya Cartledge for the women.

Thursday October 26th:

Round 2 of Stableford Championships was played in conjunction with the Grandmother’s Trophy. The women were keen to play well in the fine weather conditions but still found the course challenging. Adele Rowarth scored (28) 30 points to win A grade with Helen Stevens on (24) 27 points being runner up, on a countback from Janice McKenzie (24) 27 points. B grade was won by Jan Shaw (34) 32 points with Caroline Wren being runner up on (37) 29 points. The only player to get Nearest the Pin on the day was B grade player Sally Stone. The happy Grandmother’s Trophy winner was Jan Shaw with a (34) 32 points.

Wednesday October 25th:

Stroke – special rules.
22 men competed in this 18 holes competition. The winner for A grade was Willy Kifoto on 76-17-59 with Bob Bedson on 70-10-60 being runner up, on a countback from Peter Collard on 74-14-60. B grade was won by Rick Johnston who shot 79-21-58 with Ray Matthews shooting 81-21-60 to be runner up.
Kurt Rixon scooped the pool for Nearest the Pin in A grade on the 1st/10th and also the 9th/18th. B grade’s Lance Thomas got on the 1st/10th.

Monday October 23rd:

Women’s 9 hole stroke.
A field of fifteen women played in the competition. A grade was won by Marriette Deppeler scoring 49-14-35. Sandra Toone was runner up with 49-13½-35½. Adele Rowarth won the A grade putting with 15 putts.
B grade also saw a close result with Caroline Wren winning with 54-18½-35½ from her friend Faith Morrissy who scored 56-19½-36½. Sami Oguzhan won B grade putting with 16 putts, on a countback from Jean Hansen.

Sunday October 22nd:

Final round of the Men’s Championships. The daily winner for A grade was Don Wagstaff 78-10-68 closely followed by Bob Bedson on 79-10-69, on a count back from Andrew Hill with 77-8-69.
Rocky Dimieri won B grade with a score of 79-14-65 and Peter Wilkes was runner up with 86-17-69. C grade saw Ray Matthews win with 91-20-71 by a shot from David Hand on 91-19-72. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th was won by Darren Gill for A grade, while Brian McKenzie won B, and David Hand won C. No player got on the 9th or 18th.
Men’s Championship results are as follows:-
Congratulations to all the winners and runners up. Club Champion was Andrew Hill with a score of 230. Runner up was Don Wagstaff on 233. B grade Champion was Rocky Dimieri on 232 with runner up Chris Hansen on 260. C grade Champion was Ray Matthews on 273 with David Hand being runner up on 292. The Veteran’s Champion was Rocky Dimieri on 65, with Don Wagstaff on 68 being runner up. The best 54 nett Champion and ‘Laurie Gunn Trophy’ winner was Rocky Dimieri with 188 and Don Wagstaff was next best with 203.

Wednesday October 18th:

Men’s 4BBB Stableford.
Ten teams contested on the day which was rather hot and windy. The winning pair was Terry Bedford and Chris Hansen with 42 points. It was a close competition with Doug Honey and Bob Bedson being the runners up scoring 41 points. Nearest the pin on the 1st/10th for A grade was Colin Coleman and B grade was Bruce Thomas. No players got on the 9th and 18th.

Thursday 19th October

Twelve of our Apollo Bay women golfers took part in the Tee Off for Cancer Charity day. The players all wore something pink, and had fun on the course by recording their minor misdemeanours, and badly hit golf shots, which incurred small fines. The women were able to donate $227 by giving the entire proceeds of their golf day to the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. The amount included competition entry fees, donations, raffle proceeds, and the above minor fines. Bright pink flags, kindly made by Sue McKenzie, adorned the flagsticks. The pink flags will be used for the rest of the month of October as a reminder of the cancer risk and the need for more research to be done into this disease.

Round 1 of Stableford Championships was played in conjunction with our Tee Off for Cancer charity day. Twelve women, wearing something pink, took to the course for the start of the championships with the weather looking quite ominous. The winner of the daily A grade, 0-27 handicap range, was Vicki Hannah with (15) 32 points. The runner up was Dawn Thomas (27) 30 points. B grade, 28–45 handicaps, was won by Jean Hansen with (41) 33 points and the runner up was Faith Morrissy (39) 27 points. Nearest the pin winners on 10th & 18th were A grade Sandra Toone and B grade Faith Morrissy.

Monday October 16th:

Women’s Memorial Shield Day
had teams from Anglesea, Barwon Valley, Colac, Lara,
Lorne, Timboon, Torquay and Apollo Bay participate. The team from Colac, consisting of Dot Frith, Phyl Borwick and Pat Campigli, won the Shield with 71 stableford points. In A grade, 0-25 handicap range, Ann Lynch from Barwon Valley won with a score of 29 points, runner up was Michelle Gristede from Timboon with 26 points, on a countback from Dot Frith from Colac.
B grade, 26-45 handicaps, was won by Chris Angus from Lorne with local player Sandra Toone being runner up with 25 points, on a countback from Jeanette Kent from Torquay. The winner of the Nearest the pin on the 1st & 10th was won by our own Janice McKenzie who was the only player to get on the green.

Sunday October 15th:

Round 2 of the Men’s Championships began with the men taking to the course in beautiful Spring weather. A grade was won by Don Wagstaff with 75-10-65. Craig McKenzie was hot on Don’s heels with a 74-8-66. B grade player Rocky Dimieri was in amazing form to score 72-15-57, and runner up was John Nankervis with 86-17-69. C grade winner was Tim Bedford who scored 83-18-65 while Ray Matthews was runner up with a 90-20-70.
Nearest the pins winners on the 1st & 10th for the grades were A, Andrew Hill, B, Rocky Dimieri and C, Lance Thomas. On the 9th & 18th only A grade player G. Potts got on.