Monday February 5th:

Women’s 9 hole stroke event. We had a good turn up for this event welcoming back several members who have been unable to play for various reasons, and the weather was perfect for golfing. The A grade winner was Janice McKenzie with 32 ½ nett on a count-back from Dawn Thomas who was runner-up. In B grade Sally Cannon played a great game to win with 31 ½ nett, followed by runner-up Jeanette Dodds with 33 ½ nett. The overall putting decided by a 5 way count-back, was won by Kerryn Wagstaff with 15 putts. The women’s Summer Cup begins Thursday 8th February and is played over 4 rounds finishing 1st March. This is a flexi-time event, so make up your own groups. Pay and fill out the details in the book located in the women’s room before play.

Sunday 4th February

first round of the men’s summer cup produced the following winners: In A Grade, Don O’Meara won with nett 59 and Brian McKenzie had 61 nett to claim runner-up. Nearest the pin 1st/10th was Chris Hansen and on 9th/18th David Hand took the honour. Don O’Meara also won the monthly medal. In B grade, Ray Matthews won with nett 65 and George Harrison was runner-up on a count-back from Bob Hansen, with a nett score of 68. Nearest the pin awards went to Alan Rowarth on 1st/10th and George Harrison on 9th 18th.

Thursday February 1st:

Women’s opening Day, was an 18 hole Ambrose competition with drawn partners followed by lunch. It was pleasing to see 29 participants, some who were returning after injuries, choosing to play 9 holes, which is an option for those playing on our usual 18 hole competition days. The first putt ceremony was performed by popular member Valerie Johnson, who also made a humorous and fitting speech following her putt.
The winners were Stacey Thomas, Barb Cullen and Jeanette Dodds with 72-13-59. Runners-up were Sandra Kent, Sally Stone, Marie Murnane and Lyn Box with 76-15 ½-60 ½ . The putting trophies went to Dawn Thomas, Martha Macintyre and Jean Hansen with 23 putts. In the 9 hole minor event, 2 teams of 3 had equal gross scores of 40, with the winners being Cheryle Polgeest, Joy Russ and Jan Coleman with 12 nett.

Wednesday January 31st:

round 1 of the men’s 18 hole 4 week stableford competition. Winner A Grade: P. Anderson 34 points, with Brian McKenzie scoring 33 points for runner-up. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th was Colin Coleman. In B grade, Graham McKenzie won with 36 points, on a count-back from Lance Thomas, 36 points, runner-up. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th was Bob Hansen.

Sunday December 17th:

Men’s Stableford shootout 22 holes. The A grade winner was Don O’Meara with 38 points and also with 38 points T. Bedford was runner-up. In B grade, Lance Thomas won with 45 points and Ray Matthews with 41 points was runner-up. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th in A grade was Don Wagstaff and in B Grade Rod Beecroft was closest. On 9th/18th Crag McKenzie in A grade was the only contender. The shoot-out winner was David Hand with Rod Beecroft the runner-up.

Thursday December 14th:

The women golfers held their Christmas dinner at the clubhouse where major trophies for the year were presented after a lovely meal and some light entertainment. Summer Cup A grade: Adele Rowarth 203 nett, runner-up: Norma Begely 210 nett. B Grade Summer Cup: Mariette Deppeler 209 nett and runner-up with 210 was Faith Morrissy. The Medal of Medalist was won by Vicki Hannah with 68 nett. The silver spoon winner was Stacey Thomas. The Mona McLeod Brooch was won in bronze division by Sandra Toone with +5. Our Club Champion was Vicki Hannah with 274 and runner-up club champion Sandra Kent had 282. The 54 nett winner with 227 was Sandra Toone and Kerryn Wagstaff with 238 was the runner-up. The putting over all in the championship was Sandra Kent with 93 putts. The Stableford Championship winner was Jean Hansen 87 points and on 86 points Sandra Toone was the runner-up. The SWDGA Rene Austin was won by Stacey Thomas with nett 74. The Thursday eclectic trophy in A grade was won by Vicki Hannah with 60/53 nett and in B grade this was won by Cheryle Polgeest with 76/62 nett on a count-back from Adele Rowarth. In the Monday eclectic competition, Sandra Toone won with 27 ¼, and in B grade Faith Morrissy won with 26 ¼ . Putting for the year was won by Marg Smith with 89 putts for Thursday and with 41 putts for the Monday rounds. The most birdies for the year achieved by Vicki Hannah, was 11. Vicki also netted the most gobblers with 11 of those too. Faith Morrissy in B grade had 15 pars for the year- the most in her grade. A special award for the night “The cheeky award” was presented to Caroline Wren – who ably emceed the proceedings, and for reasons not given here, thoroughly deserved the award! Thanks were given to all the office bearers and committee members for doing a great job running the women’s side of golfing.

Wednesday December 13th:

Men’s Ambrose Classic teams of four, was won by Ian Richardson, Rick Johnston, David Hand and Willie Kifoto with 51 7/8 nett. Runners-up with 55 5/8 nett were Alan Russ, Don O’Meara, Ray Matthews and Ian Robinson. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th in A grade was David Hand and in B grade- Peter Forbes. On the 9th/18th hole Willie Kifoto nailed it.

Sunday December 10th:

Men’s 3 man stableford Classic produced the following results: Winners, with 91 points were the team of Lance Thomas, Ray Matthews and Dick McGrath. Runners-up with 88 points were Geoff Vesey, Alan Rowarth and Peter Forbes. Nearest the piins on 1st/10th in A Grade was Don O’Meara and in B Grade Lance Thomas. Rocky Dimieri took the honour for A Grade on the 9th/18th hole.

Thursday December 7th:

This was closing day for the women’s competitions where players donned national costumes from around the world to play 9 holes Ambrose with special rules, followed by lunch and Christmas gifts. The winning team comprised of Vicki Hannah, Mariette Deppeler and Joycie Henderson had nett 34.7. Runners-up were Sandra Toone, Sue McKenzie and Caroline Wren with 36.5 nett. This team also had only 11 putts, but as only one trophy is awarded to a team for the event the putting trophy went to Dawn Thomas, Shirley Amery and Jan Shaw with 12 putts. Jean Hansen, Jeanette Dodds and Janice McKenzie were out of luck with 14 putts, but were awarded a prize for this.

Wednesday December 6th:

Men’s Par event: 20 players competed with ten in each grade. The winner in A grade with +6 was Colin Coleman and Don Wagstaff with +1 was runner-up. The B grade winner with +5 was Ray Matthews and runner-up on a count-back from Peter Forbes, was Bruce Thomas with +4. In A grade Peter Collard was nearest the pin on 1st/10th and on 9th/18th- Doug Honey. The B grade accurate drivers were Ray Matthews on 1st/10th and Bruce Thomas on 9th/18th.