Sunday 30th July:

Men’s Stableford 18 hole competition was cancelled.

Wednesday July 26:

Men’s 4-week stroke competition, one grade only, was won by Lance Thomas and the runner-up was David Hand. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th for A Grade was Chris Hansen and in B. Grade Lance Thomas. Ian Richardson was Nearest the pin on 9th /18th.

Sunday July 23:

Men’s 18 hole stroke competition. Eight contenders produced the following results: Bob Bedson, 10, won with a nett 63, and Bernie Coller was runner-up 82-16-66. Nearest the pin 1st/10th were Colin Coleman in A Grade and Lance Thomas in B Grade.

Sunday July 16th

Men’s event was cancelled

Wednesday July 12th:

18 hole stableford men’s competition was won in A Grade by Ian Richardson with 38 points and A Grade runner-up Geoff Vesey with 37 points. In B Grade David Hand was the winner in a count-back from runners-up Ian Robinson and Bruce Thomas all with 38 points. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th A grade was Kurt Rixon and in B Grade Alan Rowarth was closest. On the 9th/18th Ian Richardson was nearest for A Grade and Charlie Barnett for B Grade.

Sunday July 10th

Men’s Par Championship round 3 was postponed due to rain and not enough competitors to hold the event.

Wednesday July 5th:

2-man Ambrose men’s competition was won by Bob Bedson and Don O’Meara with nett 61 ¾ . Runners-up were Andrew Hill and Alan Rowarth with nett 62 ¾ on a count-back from Peter Forbes and Doug Hall. Nearest the pin on 1st/10th A grade was Don O’Meara and in B Grade Alan Rowarth was successful. On the 9th/18th Bob Bedson was the only contender.

Sunday July 2nd

Men’s 18 hole stroke and Monthly Medal- in A Grade Chris Hansen had nett 62 which also netted him the monthly medal.  In B Grade Dick McGrath won with Nett 68.  Runner’s up:  A Grade: Colin Coleman with 63 nett, was also runner-up for the monthly medal. and in B Grade George Harrison, with nett 70 was runner-up.  Nearest the pin on 1st/10th was Geoff Vesey and on the 9th/18th it was Chris Hansen.

Wednesday June 28th:

Special Rules, 5 clubs, Men’s 18 hole competition was won in A Grade with 72-10-62, Colin Coleman. In B Grade, Peter Collard won with 80-15-65.  Bruce Thomas was runner-up 89-24-65, and in B Grade Lance Thomas was runner-up with 93-28-65.  Nearest the pins on 1st/10th A Grade Kurt Rixon, B Grade Rick Johnston, and on the 9th/18th Colin Coleman and Doug Hall were the nearest in their respective grades.

Sunday June 25th

Men’s Par Championships round 2 Winner A Grade B.Coller + 3 Runner-up D. Gill, square Next best Don Wagstaff -1.  Nearest Pin 1st/10th A grade Colin Coleman, B Grade Alan Rowarth and on 9th/18th Craig McKenzie.